Our Mission

As the primary government organization responsible for Agriculture, Energy, Trade and Investment in the Marshall Islands, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Commerce will promote and assist the development of these sectors in a sustainable and productive manner, through activities which foster sustainable food production, provide alternative energy resources and income-generating opportunities for the people of the Marshall Islands.  Respect for the environment will be a top priority and special focus will be given to the outer island communities in developing their agricultural, energy and economic sectors.

Our Vision

We envision a future where:

  • Modern development and urbanization co-exists with the environment and our traditional lifestyles;

  • Physically active people eat locally grown and processed, healthy foods and we have secure supplies of food;

  • There are business and job opportunities for our people;

  • Each outer island household has access to electricity;

  • Our beautiful islands are safeguarded from pests and disease;

  • Our unique Marshallese products are being successfully exported around the world; and

  • Our traditions are alive, and we are economically self-reliant.

Our Core Values

  • Team work and cooperation

  • Trust

  • Honesty is the best policy

  • Communication and sharing information

  • Organized

  • Respect and leadership


History of Ministry of NRC

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Commerce was established in 1979 under the Constitution of the Marshall Islands. The portfolio of the Ministry has undergone several changes during its history.  Primarily responsible for development of the economy through promoting agriculture, investment and trade and energy development, the Ministry has also been responsible for fisheries, tourism and public works in the past.  In 1997 The Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority was established by Act and mandated with the management of all marine resources in the RMI.  In 1997 The Marshall Islands Visitors Authority was created to focus on development of the tourism industry in the Marshalls.  While these remain the two greatest opportunities for economic development and export, the sectors within the Ministry remain critical for economic development of the young nation of the Marshall Islands.  In 1997 through the ADB-led public sector reform program, the Ministry of Public Works was incorporated into the Ministry of NRC.  It was subsequently separated out again in 2000.  

Lands and survey, planning and zoning functions and labor functions were also part of the Ministry in the past.  The Ministry has evolved over the years to its current set of responsibilities.


The Ministry of NRC works out of four facilities in Majuro, one in Ebeye and one in Arno.

On Majuro, most of the divisions are located in a building shared with MIMRA in Delap. The Small Business Development Centre offices are located at the Marshall Islands Development Bank (MIDB) building.

The Quarantine division has an office on Ebeye located on the 1st floor of Kwajalein Atoll Local Government (KALGOV) building.

NRC has two extension/demonstration facilities at Laura Village on Majuro and both are managed through a technical assistance program funded by the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Our Key Clients

  • Farmers

  • Outer island communities

  • Business community and investors