Handover Ceremony of Solar Streetlights


On April 2, 2018, H.E Ambassador Daniel D.W Tang of the Republic of China (Taiwan) joined Hon. Minister Dennis Momotaro at the handover ceremony at the Marshall Islands Energy Company (MEC) warehouse, where he presented Minister Momotaro with 100 solar streetlights and 66 batteries funded by the ROC (Taiwan) government. Hon. Vice Speaker Jejwarick Anton, Hon. Senator Daisy Momotaro, Hon. Senator Atbi Riklon, and Majuro Councilwoman Betty Imaikata were present to witness the handover ceremony.

Through the continuous support and partnership with the government of ROC (Taiwan), the RMI government has been able to implement various energy initiatives. The ROC (Taiwan) government has made a contribution of $200,000 to the Renewable Energy Project for the procurement and installation of solar streetlights and batteries. The new 100 solar streetlights will be distributed to the outer islands and the 66 new batteries will replace old solar streetlight batteries on Majuro.

During the handover ceremony, Ambassador Tang reiterated the commitment and partnership of the ROC (Taiwan) government and the RMI government. He stated that the Embassy will continue to make an effort to cooperate with the RMI government in developing renewable energy that will contribute to the sustainable development and welfare of the people of the RMI. In conclusion, he expressed his appreciation to Minister Momotaro and his staff for their cooperation to complete the Solar Streetlight Project.

Minister Momotaro expressed his appreciation to the ROC (Taiwan) government for their support and partnership in implementing RMI’s energy initiatives. He stated that the implementation of the Renewable Energy Project first began in 2011 with assistance from ROC (Taiwan) Embassy, Ministry of NRC, and MEC. He also stated that the project is significant because it extends to the outer island communities. Furthermore, the project addresses one of the objectives of the RMI Agenda 2020, which is improving the welfare of the outer island communities, along with the global Sustainable Development Goal 7, providing rural communities access to sustainable clean and reliable energy.