RMI-JAPAN Trade and Investment Seminar


The RMI-JAPAN Trade and Investment Seminar was held on November 21, 2017 at the Marshall Islands Resort’s Melele Room. Led by Parliamentary Vice-Speaker for Foreign Affairs of Japan, Honorable Mr. Iwao Horii, the Japan Trade and Investment mission consisted of government and private sectors, including eight private Japanese companies. From the RMI, Honorable Minister John M. Silk, Honorable Minister Alfred Alfred Jr., and His Excellency Ambassador Tom D. Kijiner took part in the seminar alongside representatives from government and private sectors of the RMI. With more than 50 people who attended the workshop, the seminar provided a fruitful platform, allowing the two countries to exchange ideas and experiences with one another.

The seminar consisted of three sessions. Session 1 being “Efforts to expand trade and investment between Japan and the Marshall Islands,” and Sessions 2 and 3 being “Proposal of a new investment and trade partnership.” Presentations from Japanese representatives included presentations from Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), the Japan International Kohan Shoji, Nippon Closures, the Pacific Island Center (PIC), Dai Nippon Construction, Marshall Japan Construction Company (MJCC), NBK Cooperation, Japan Pacific Islands Association, and Kaiika Restaurant. Presenting from the RMI were Office of Commerce and Investment (OCI), Marshall Islands Visitors Authority (MIVA), Pacific International Inc. (PII), Aquaculture Technologies of the Marshall Islands (ATMI), and Tobolar Copra Processing Authority, where they introduced trade and investment opportunities in the RMI.


Closing the seminar, His Excellency Ambassador Hideyuki Mitsuoka summarized the seminar and stated that the seminar reminded the potential business opportunities between Japan and the RMI. He stated that since 2018 is the year Japan and the RMI established diplomatic relations with each other, and that the 8th Pacific Islands Leadership Meeting will take place in May 2018, he is hopeful that the year 2018 will bring great progress between Japan and the RMI. Also adding his closing remarks, Minister Alfred stated that even though the time spent in the seminar was limited to drill down into further details, the seminar concluded with success. He also assured to send a RMI business mission to Japan sometime next year.